Monday, April 7, 2008

Are you opening to the divine flow?

So I encourage everyone today to ask yourself this question. Does what I am doing today open me up to the divine, love, the energetic flow of spirit? No, this is not just a spirituality question, but also a business question. My mission is to help integrate people’s lives. It is also to help people grow successful, thriving and abundant businesses and careers. So the question becomes, is what I am doing today opening me or closing me? Is the energy flowing, or is it stagnant? So much of my teaching is based on becoming aware of your own energy. This is what the Law of Attraction is based on and movies like The Secret. It isn’t just believing or visualizing what you want, you have to feel the energy in your body.

Understanding how your energy flows or doesn’t flow is the foundation of my groups and teachings. Business the Feminine Way is about opening up the feminine so that your life will be magnetic, your heart with attract all of the things you desire and there will be a continual movement towards balance. This may sound a little woo woo, but the truth is these are concrete realizations that when felt in the body, will bring success to your life.

We can no longer sustain ourselves through fragmentation and compartmentalization. It is the reason so many of us are exhausted, tired, unhappy and dissatisfied. I believe it is our nature to integrate, to become whole. It is a pull we have toward oneness, first in ourselves and then with all other things. The more we compartmentalize and fragment our lives, the more we move in opposition to our nature, and that creates friction and resistance. There is a million reasons why we compartmentalize, primarily beliefs, indoctrinations and past experiences. Society is a big part of this, we have to be this strong business woman here, mother here, wife here, and somewhere find the I in the middle of all of these hats and identities.

When we ask, is our job, is our relationships, is our choices opening us up to the divine or closing us and separating us from the divine, it is the greatest tool of divination. We can actually follow your energy and let it guide you to fulfillment, success, clients, money, relationships and anything else your heart desires. The first key point in all of this is to become aware. Become aware of when you are breathing, when you are holding your breath, when you feel alive and energetic, and when you feel lifeless. These are all keys. It doesn’t mean that when you feel heavy or lifeless, you run from the choices you have made, but it is an indication that something is not running smoothly. The next question I would ask is if this is shutting me down, what opens me?

This is a moment to moment practice, the epitome of the feminine essence. Is this moment opening me, is this situation opening me? Everyday, every moment ask yourself. Dare to become aware of your connection to spirit. When you do this, things that have been stagnant will begin to flow and you will once again be connected to the wave of divine energy. It might sound intangible, hard, ethereal, but just try it and you will see immediately how much of our reality is based in this awareness of energy. Many blessings to each one of you today, may your divine nature flow and may you attract all of your heart’s desires.

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