Saturday, April 12, 2008

What do you do when life throws you for a loop?

So we often talk about work/life balance, and all the effort we spend towards achieving more of it, towards getting somewhere with it. What do we do when our designs for perfect balance are crumbled with one quick flip of the universe? What do we do when our plans are flipped upside down and sometimes our life as well?

Sometimes I wonder if our plans will achieve more work/life balance or if the universe’s “bumps in the road” actually create the work/life balance we are so trying to achieve. It makes you question whether there really is a divine plan we are yet to be given. Take for instance, my carefully designed plans the next three days. I have almost every minute accounted for: birthday parties, baby showers, work, time for me, time with my daughter and the 500 other things on my to do list. Then in one fell swoop: flip, my daughter has chicken pox. Clear the schedule for who knows how many days, plan for how to have enough of everything I need to be trapped at home for a few days. Sometimes trapped is how you feel when you are stuck at home as a single mother. My terrifically laid plans have now crumbled and I am left wondering how to get all my to do’s done.

Then I became aware that there was actually a feeling of relief present. How long has it been since I have been “trapped” at home for several days, and how much of our lives do we spend “trapped” in our to-do list? Sometimes it just takes a change in perspective. What seemed to be throwing me for a loop, has quickly become a blessing in disguise. How much time have I had to just fully enjoy being home with my daughter? Now I could make this a productive few days, or choose to enjoy the ride the universe has seen fit to throw my way. So I decided to choose the latter.

We so often think that we are not in control of our lives, that we are a slave to our to-do list, to our supposed-tos, to our have-tos. When we become aware that all of it is self-imposed and at any moment we can tear up those ideas and trash them, we take back control and power in our lives. We don’t have to wait for the universe to turn life upside down, but instead we can be empowered through awareness of when we are choosing our path, and when our path has started choosing for us.

Who or what is running your life today? Is it conscious choices by you, or lists and beliefs that set the pace? I think the most important aspect to work/life balance is being aware: of our choices, our belief systems, our urges, our indoctrinations, our standards of living. When we become aware, we can start to deconstruct those things that no longer serve us, those things that have been running rampant and making us slaves. I urge you to become more aware. Everyday ask yourself, what is running my life today. When you can say: you, consciously and happily, celebrate! When you can’t say those things, begin to look at the ways you can take back your power.

As divine beings, we are innately aware and intuitive. When we take the time to look, the truth of our lives unfolds. Awareness is the greatest step. May you find more awareness today and enjoy the ride of life.

Many blessings.

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