Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Juggling life’s challenges

It has been a month since I last added to this blog, and I have been doing lots of juggling. I don’t know many moms or entrepreneurs that aren’t juggling jobs, kids, schedules and balancing all the aspects of our lives. So how do we keep juggling life’s challenges, and when can we just put all the balls down.

We spend so much time with our lives in the air, and I think for many of us we sometimes think we have two choices: keep juggling or let everything fall down. I am realizing that neither of the options are reasonable or viable. Eventually we will have to stop juggling, and who wants everything to fall at our feet, disorganized and in shambles.

So in my world of unlimited possibilities, I have created a new option. I am consciously choosing to put the balls down nicely. Maybe you need someone else to help you grab a few, or maybe you need to find a nice cushy basket to lay them all in. Whatever works for you, there is another option. The idea here is that you can take a hiatus from juggling and it doesn’t mean you need to take a vacation. What I have finally chosen to do, in my midst of juggling many projects and quite a few businesses, is to deliberately schedule a day where I lay all the balls down.

This week I have declared one day, Friday, to be a day of rest. I have turned down meetings, I have booked myself for that day. One day dedicated to me. I don’t know what I am going to do, but I am not allowed to bring a to-do list. I need a break from juggling and in one day I can recuperate enough energy to keep me juggling nicely for another month. When is the last time you have deliberately called a truce with your juggling and laid the balls to rest? My suggestion is to book that day now and despite the temptation don’t let anything else stand in your way. As always I send you all my blessings and support.