Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Working with the flow, instead of against it.

So I talk a lot about the flow. It is a key piece to doing business the feminine way. I also think it is a key to work/life balance and a happy, fulfilling life. It seems to me the world has been tipped the way of the masculine for far too long, and the feminine spirit has been ignored and devalued, especially in business. If you look at natural cycles, whether in the universe or within our own bodies, you see that there is an ebb and a flow. Even our menstrual cycle is based on this ebb and flow. For far too many of us, we are in a battle with these natural cycles and rhythms, desperate to control everything around us. It makes sense with the lives we have created. When you are juggling 100 balls in the air, if one piece is out of sync, then everything falls apart around us. When we fight the natural movement in ourselves or the universe, things just don’t work. No matter how hard we fight or push or prod, things don’t move easily or abundantly.

I think it is really important to cultivate more awareness of the flow in your life and your business. Sometimes there is a time to rest, to be and sometimes there is a time to do, but unless we know which time is which we wind up in a battle with our own natural rhythms. How do you discern what time it is? You just listen. Take the time to tap into your own rhythm and trust it. I often feel a need to be more inward, to slow, to rest, but being a single mom running two companies, I often feel the need to keep going, keep pushing myself and ignore my natural rhythm. It doesn’t help that the masculine messages I grew up with were “work harder”, “Keep your nose to the grindstone” and “Keep plugging away”. I often fight my own feminine spirit dying to have some time to connect, to rest and to be at peace. Just recently, I recognized this pattern occurring in my life. Here I am pushing myself to the limits, and yet it isn’t producing anything except stress, frustration and a complete lack of flow. I realized that the reason it felt like there was no flow, is because I was moving against the flow, instead of listening and tapping into my own intuitive guidance.

In the business world most of us grew up in, you can’t just stop pushing to rest, it seems from a reasoning mind that this would not produce results, but failure. The pressure to succeed financially, physically and mentally has caused us to ignore our bodies signals to slow down and feel the flow. What I have discovered in my own life, is that as soon as I realize that I am fighting the flow, and I stop and rest or follow my spirit’s needs and desires, the flow increases and the magic in my life becomes apparent once again. This is a big piece to manifesting or creating your dreams. You have to be willing to tap into the flow of your energy and listen to where it takes you. We are still the directors of our energy, but being aware of the natural flow of the river only helps our life or business move more easily. Trying to constantly fight the current is one of the main reasons we get exhausted, overwhelmed or depressed.

Today, as you walk through your day, take notice of your energy, your flow, does it feel like you are fighting against the current, or flowing down the stream?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Finding Balance in the Storm

We may work really hard to create a life that is more balanced, a job we love, and a community of nurturing and caring people, but eventually the storms with come. It is inevitable. The storms and chaos that shows up out of nowhere is a natural part of life, and although those times can be reduced, we need effective tools to stabilize ourselves in the midst of the storm.

So I thought I might talk a little bit today about controlling your attention. If you look at your own life, the times when you have been thrown off course, knocked off center and thrown for a loop, what is the common denominator, what did you do with your attention? Often, we get distracted, something hits us and we get so wrapped up in the fall out, that we forget our course and the goals we are working towards. We forget for a moment that we have a choice in what’s happening. Sometimes the choice may be just to direct our attention back to the goal we are moving towards, instead of on the storm that is fluctuating around us.

This is a lesson that has been present in many religions and spiritual practices for ages. It is no different than meditation or yoga, the core idea being to bring your attention back to the moment. It can be a challenge for many of us, when we are so trained to put all of our attention and energy on the drama or chaos right in front of us.

So how do we learn to control our attention? Practice. The first step is really recognizing that you have a choice. When something turns everything upside down, stop in the moment and realize you have the power to choose how you handle it. There are lots of practices that will help you strengthen your control of attention, yoga and meditation are one example. I also often use a candle exercise where you set a time clock for 10 minutes, sit in front of a lit candle and put all your attention on the flame. When your attention wanders bring it back.

The key is to strengthen your attention muscle. The more you bring your attention back, the stronger your control will get and the more attention and energy you will have for you goals. Don’t expect to find perfection, our mind loves to get distracted. Yet if you learn to control your attention, you will find calm in any storm. This is one of the keys to stability and it leads to more balance physically, emotionally and spiritually. Attention is also one of the main components to manifestation, but we can talk about that another time. For more information on ways you can utilize and manage your attention, check out my workshop coming up in October.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Managing your energy, i.e. time, money, relationships, overwhelm

We have an intuitive sense that energy is the underlying principle of the universe, yet very few of us have a real understanding of our own energy: how it operates, what fuels our energy or drains it. We often have ideas about this, but very little real awareness.

Creating business the feminine way is all about learning to manage your energy. In truth, time, money and relationship issues really can be drilled down to an inability to manage our energy effectively. I subscribe to the idea that we are at the heart of everything that is happening to us and around us. Learning to manage our energy, shifts our interactions with others and therefore our reality. What a breath of fresh air to know that we have that kind of power in our own lives.

There are lots of signs to show you that you are not effectively managing your energy: stress, overwhelm, frustration, lack of attention and focus, being tired, relationship strains, etc. When we feel any of these, we should immediately take stock of our energy. What is going on? What is draining me? What am I not honoring in myself? What am I not in integrity with? Who am I not being honest with? These questions will reveal the holes in our consciousness that are letting the energy drain out.

You can think of it like a pipe. Our energy flows from the divine and, without holes in our pipe, leads to a lot of energy and flow in the physical world. Yet when we have holes in the form of dishonesty, devaluing, stretching ourselves too thin, dishonoring our desires and being, then the energy flows out the holes and we find ourselves with very little energy in the physical world.

There are techniques and tools for better managing our energy, these are some of the things I cover in my Business the Feminine Way workshop, but first must come awareness. The next time you feel drained, tired or overwhelmed, I encourage you to stop what you are doing and take a few minutes to assess your energy. Ask yourself the above questions and look for the holes that are draining the divine energy from your life. Often becoming aware will begin to plug some of them up and being honest with yourself and with others is really the key to increasing your energy and allowing more of the divine to flow in your life. Today, may you all feel the divine energy that is your birthright. Many blessings, Sonya

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Putting Business the Feminine Way into Practice

I have talked a lot about how to create a business that is thriving the feminine way. As you can see from my lack of posts, I have been busy putting my techniques and tools into practice. I have just recently opened a work/life balance and wellness center. You can check it out at It is my baby, my passion and an integration of all that I am and everything I have learned. In short, it has been a labor of love. It is amazing to put your own tools into practice and really see the effectiveness of what they have to offer. I will be revamping my business as well, integrating my coaching, workshops and marketing company into one amazing practice. So continue to look for my posts and upcoming events. I have another Business the Feminine Way Workshop August 9th, so don't miss it. I wish you all many blessings.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Superwoman Syndrome

How many of us strive to be superwoman. I know for most of us, running businesses, running homes, running around, can run our own lives often into the ground. The idea of taking a break, finding support, finding relief is hard to grasp. I often find myself in this syndrome, trying to do it all, trying to have it all and often forgetting to use the resources I have been blessed with.

Today, I wanted to talk about a very important aspect to approaching business the feminine way. We are here to work together, not alone. It seems like such a common understanding, and yet I think individually we still think there is something we have to accomplish on our own, some place we have to strive to get and no one can help us get there. We have our own seeking, our own striving and we force ourselves to be more, do more and accomplish more than we need to.

I know in my own life, I am moving towards a new paradigm, one where we combine our tremendous wealth as individuals to create something bigger than ourselves, something that serves more of humanity and in that creation we find how much bigger we are as well.

The Superwoman syndrome is interesting, because instead of making us feel like a superhero, it actually makes us feel quite small. We can never live up to our ideal of what that woman is, it is seen as a tall dark shadow whose shoes we are trying to fill. Yet, surrounded by others who are combined in intention to create something beautiful, our gifts stand out, our beauty unfolds and who we really our comes to light.

I have recently been involved in taking on more partners in a truly amazing venture, one that is far bigger than myself, and I have had to confront my superwoman syndrome. The need to hold on to the whole picture, to still prove that I am everything I want to be. It has been a time of letting go for me and a time to confront the beliefs that keep me striving. Yes, what is truly amazing, is in the joining together of our union, I am finding the spaces I shine in. My light is more abundant and letting go of aspects of my business I don’t want to be part of, frees my energy to spread more love, give more light and truly be who I want to be.

I would encourage you today to look at your life and see where you are still holding that superwoman syndrome. Where are you still striving, where do you feel like you are alone, where do you try to do it all? Ask yourself, where could you let go, who could you ask for help, who could you delegate tasks to and start to recognize the unique gifts that truly make you YOU. Let yourself focus on the areas you love, the areas you light up in, and that will make you truly a super hero. Let go of the areas that drag you down, make you feel small and hold you back from seeing your own beauty, your own goodness, your own light. Be willing to confront the beliefs that keep your striving, that drive you to strive for that superwomen syndrome.

Most of all today, I would encourage you to seek out more community. It has become a world of isolation, and even in our family units and our work environments, community is still a feeling we have yet to fully understand. We are all seeking community, support, love and friendship. The more I let go of aspects and hand them over to someone else, the more I realize how important sharing our journey really is. This sharing, this community shows us the common source of our divinity and helps us share the riches that each of us brings to the whole.

I appreciate each of you for sharing in my community. I send you lots of blessings and light today on your journey. The divinity in me honors the divinity in you.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Juggling life’s challenges

It has been a month since I last added to this blog, and I have been doing lots of juggling. I don’t know many moms or entrepreneurs that aren’t juggling jobs, kids, schedules and balancing all the aspects of our lives. So how do we keep juggling life’s challenges, and when can we just put all the balls down.

We spend so much time with our lives in the air, and I think for many of us we sometimes think we have two choices: keep juggling or let everything fall down. I am realizing that neither of the options are reasonable or viable. Eventually we will have to stop juggling, and who wants everything to fall at our feet, disorganized and in shambles.

So in my world of unlimited possibilities, I have created a new option. I am consciously choosing to put the balls down nicely. Maybe you need someone else to help you grab a few, or maybe you need to find a nice cushy basket to lay them all in. Whatever works for you, there is another option. The idea here is that you can take a hiatus from juggling and it doesn’t mean you need to take a vacation. What I have finally chosen to do, in my midst of juggling many projects and quite a few businesses, is to deliberately schedule a day where I lay all the balls down.

This week I have declared one day, Friday, to be a day of rest. I have turned down meetings, I have booked myself for that day. One day dedicated to me. I don’t know what I am going to do, but I am not allowed to bring a to-do list. I need a break from juggling and in one day I can recuperate enough energy to keep me juggling nicely for another month. When is the last time you have deliberately called a truce with your juggling and laid the balls to rest? My suggestion is to book that day now and despite the temptation don’t let anything else stand in your way. As always I send you all my blessings and support.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Knowing your limits

So a lot of work/life balance mastery is about knowing your limits. This is true across the board. You have to know your own limitations, limiting beliefs and when your body and mind has had enough. The first step is awareness. When you start to become aware of your energy and your limits, you will start to notice the one moment when you went over the edge.

Think back to a time in your life, where you were cruising along, things were flowing, and then all of a sudden you started to get stressed, overwhelmed, and felt like life was out of control. I have this happen a lot with work, I will be working and things will be flowing. I will have this intuition that it is enough work for today, but instead of turning the computer off or putting my attention elsewhere, there is this little pull, this compulsion. “Just one more email, just one more hour, just one more task.” In that moment I move from flow to force, and my energy shifts. I get overwhelmed, tired, or cranky. If I wasn’t so aware of my energy, I could blame it on a million things. I know now that not listening to my intuition telling me I was at my limit is what put me over the edge.

So becoming aware of your energy is the first step, listening to your intuition and following that energy is the second. We have to often ask ourselves why do we do what we do? Why do we push ourselves to just do a little more? Why can’t we naturally follow our intuition, instead of constantly questioning it with our mind?

I teach people a lot about structure, both physical structure and mental structures. The pull in our life, those little compulsions, are primarily effects of our mental structures: our beliefs, past experiences, fears and mental anxiety. We are rarely motivated by our deliberate decisions, but instead by our mental constructs. So what is it in your mental space that makes you push yourself over the edge? Maybe it’s a belief that you are not good enough. Maybe it’s a belief that there is never enough time. Whatever is holding us back from following your energy, is what often blocks our intuiton and throws us far off balance.

I believe innately we have a guidepost, an energetic compass. It lets us know what is balance for us, it guides us to make the right moves, and it helps our lives flow. We decide and direct this flow, but we can do it from a deliberate state of consciousness or from a limiting mental construct. This energy will tell us when we reach our limit, so the decision left in our hands is will we choose to honor that limit, or will we throw ourselves over the edge?

I encourage you today to look at your life and become aware of your limits, your energy and your mental constructs that are throwing your life out of balance. I ask you to honor that divine compass and let your life flow more freely. As always, I send you many blessings today.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

What do you do when life throws you for a loop?

So we often talk about work/life balance, and all the effort we spend towards achieving more of it, towards getting somewhere with it. What do we do when our designs for perfect balance are crumbled with one quick flip of the universe? What do we do when our plans are flipped upside down and sometimes our life as well?

Sometimes I wonder if our plans will achieve more work/life balance or if the universe’s “bumps in the road” actually create the work/life balance we are so trying to achieve. It makes you question whether there really is a divine plan we are yet to be given. Take for instance, my carefully designed plans the next three days. I have almost every minute accounted for: birthday parties, baby showers, work, time for me, time with my daughter and the 500 other things on my to do list. Then in one fell swoop: flip, my daughter has chicken pox. Clear the schedule for who knows how many days, plan for how to have enough of everything I need to be trapped at home for a few days. Sometimes trapped is how you feel when you are stuck at home as a single mother. My terrifically laid plans have now crumbled and I am left wondering how to get all my to do’s done.

Then I became aware that there was actually a feeling of relief present. How long has it been since I have been “trapped” at home for several days, and how much of our lives do we spend “trapped” in our to-do list? Sometimes it just takes a change in perspective. What seemed to be throwing me for a loop, has quickly become a blessing in disguise. How much time have I had to just fully enjoy being home with my daughter? Now I could make this a productive few days, or choose to enjoy the ride the universe has seen fit to throw my way. So I decided to choose the latter.

We so often think that we are not in control of our lives, that we are a slave to our to-do list, to our supposed-tos, to our have-tos. When we become aware that all of it is self-imposed and at any moment we can tear up those ideas and trash them, we take back control and power in our lives. We don’t have to wait for the universe to turn life upside down, but instead we can be empowered through awareness of when we are choosing our path, and when our path has started choosing for us.

Who or what is running your life today? Is it conscious choices by you, or lists and beliefs that set the pace? I think the most important aspect to work/life balance is being aware: of our choices, our belief systems, our urges, our indoctrinations, our standards of living. When we become aware, we can start to deconstruct those things that no longer serve us, those things that have been running rampant and making us slaves. I urge you to become more aware. Everyday ask yourself, what is running my life today. When you can say: you, consciously and happily, celebrate! When you can’t say those things, begin to look at the ways you can take back your power.

As divine beings, we are innately aware and intuitive. When we take the time to look, the truth of our lives unfolds. Awareness is the greatest step. May you find more awareness today and enjoy the ride of life.

Many blessings.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Are you opening to the divine flow?

So I encourage everyone today to ask yourself this question. Does what I am doing today open me up to the divine, love, the energetic flow of spirit? No, this is not just a spirituality question, but also a business question. My mission is to help integrate people’s lives. It is also to help people grow successful, thriving and abundant businesses and careers. So the question becomes, is what I am doing today opening me or closing me? Is the energy flowing, or is it stagnant? So much of my teaching is based on becoming aware of your own energy. This is what the Law of Attraction is based on and movies like The Secret. It isn’t just believing or visualizing what you want, you have to feel the energy in your body.

Understanding how your energy flows or doesn’t flow is the foundation of my groups and teachings. Business the Feminine Way is about opening up the feminine so that your life will be magnetic, your heart with attract all of the things you desire and there will be a continual movement towards balance. This may sound a little woo woo, but the truth is these are concrete realizations that when felt in the body, will bring success to your life.

We can no longer sustain ourselves through fragmentation and compartmentalization. It is the reason so many of us are exhausted, tired, unhappy and dissatisfied. I believe it is our nature to integrate, to become whole. It is a pull we have toward oneness, first in ourselves and then with all other things. The more we compartmentalize and fragment our lives, the more we move in opposition to our nature, and that creates friction and resistance. There is a million reasons why we compartmentalize, primarily beliefs, indoctrinations and past experiences. Society is a big part of this, we have to be this strong business woman here, mother here, wife here, and somewhere find the I in the middle of all of these hats and identities.

When we ask, is our job, is our relationships, is our choices opening us up to the divine or closing us and separating us from the divine, it is the greatest tool of divination. We can actually follow your energy and let it guide you to fulfillment, success, clients, money, relationships and anything else your heart desires. The first key point in all of this is to become aware. Become aware of when you are breathing, when you are holding your breath, when you feel alive and energetic, and when you feel lifeless. These are all keys. It doesn’t mean that when you feel heavy or lifeless, you run from the choices you have made, but it is an indication that something is not running smoothly. The next question I would ask is if this is shutting me down, what opens me?

This is a moment to moment practice, the epitome of the feminine essence. Is this moment opening me, is this situation opening me? Everyday, every moment ask yourself. Dare to become aware of your connection to spirit. When you do this, things that have been stagnant will begin to flow and you will once again be connected to the wave of divine energy. It might sound intangible, hard, ethereal, but just try it and you will see immediately how much of our reality is based in this awareness of energy. Many blessings to each one of you today, may your divine nature flow and may you attract all of your heart’s desires.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Business the Feminine Way

I have a very different outlook on business. It involves looking at the world through a more feminine perspective. I find this not only helps my female clients, but it serves my male clients as well.

First let me clarify what I mean by feminine and masculine. We all have both sides inside of us. Nature also exhibits both sides. I believe that the female archetype is radiant, open, our lifeforce. It is mother earth and beautiful creator. It is action when done in radiance and it is being, not doing. Masculine is very directed, focused, present. It is action to accomplish something, get to the end result and more often focuses on doing. We have to develop both these aspects in ourselves.

Lately I have been listening to a very amazing man, David Deida, who centers his gift to others on opening them up spiritually and sexually. He talks a lot about what he sees as the feminine essence and masculine essence. I am going to offer my own interpretation here and my own synthesis of my personal experience. I would suggest you check him out for yourself.

It seems to me that as important as it is to balance our masculine and feminine sides, that each of us, male or female, have a masculine or feminine essence. I will also go on to explain how businesses have a feminine or masculine essence a little bit later. The key to this, whichever essence you have, is that by staying true to that essence you open yourself up the divine flow, your connection to source. There are men that have a feminine essence and women that have a male essence. It is not gender specific. So often, we are living in the wrong side, trying to be masculine, when our feminine essence is dying to be fulfilled. Same is true of the other side. When we are not living our true essence, we are closed off to the flow.

There are exceptions, but for the most part in today’s world, we are way off balance. Business has become a very masculine domain, and because of the lack of balance, women are way over compensating and trying to shove their feminine essence into a box and function in a masculine world.

Now the essence of a business depends on really who is running it, or who started it. What I teach my clients is the consciousness of the business is determined by those in charge. If there is a masculine essence and it is working in a masculine way, that can be good. But if there is an essence that is not fulfilled, ie. A feminine essence that is acting in a masculine way, it can be more challenging and a lot more effort. One of the principles of work/life balance is working with nature instead of against it. Therefore, you have more balance when there is less effort. Women are great at living in that masculine world, we have learned to succeed tremendously, but many feel they are not fulfilled or able to balance very well the other aspects of their lives.

So here we come to the new evolution of businesses, business the feminine way. Being true to your essence, finding those areas that are effortless and increasing your flow there, while decreasing attention and obsession with areas that require a lot of effort. For women-owned businesses, a lot of the effort is getting clients, sales. We love being in our job, working with people, doing what it is we love to do, but going after the sale is a whole other ballpark. The way people view sales these days is very masculine, you get very directed, focused and purposeful, you sell yourself, you hook them, you don’t let them get away. You sell yourself by reasoning why you are the best. “Look, here is the proof.” This is not a feminine way of doing business. The feminine way is living through your essence, being seen, meeting people, connecting with groups of women, being with people. It is more about spreading seeds that pulling the weeds. We are more true to ourselves when we are attracting clients than getting them. The problem is that the majority of business owners don’t know how to attract clients, how to live that feminine essence. Even masculine businesses often need to attract clients this way, especially when the primary target market is women. You can’t sell to women like you do to men. We just function differently. I used to teach a course on marketing to women and I taught it to primarily male-dominated industries. It was awesome how enlightened they were about how women function and how they could turn the sales around by learning how to meet the feminine essence.

I am offering next month a new group series called, “Business the Feminine Way”, because I see how important this topic is for more work/life balance. If you are interested, please email me and I will put you on the list for my upcoming promos. It is the new revolution. I encourage all of you to look at your business and your life and ask yourself are you living your essence, do you feel alive, feel the energy, are you in the flow that is right for you. Just becoming aware of where you are out of balance is an amazing start.

Monday, March 17, 2008

When is enough, enough?

I wanted to explore today the idea of doing enough and being enough. This is a topic I will probably address often. Since my passion is constantly understanding, uncovering and moving towards more work/life balance, this is a key issue I address in my practice and in my own daily walk. Most people wake up everyday with a to-do list, tasks that need to be addressed, checked off, "accomplished". As we end our day, we often feel we haven't done enough, there is still a pile of things to do and we haven't quite made a dent yet. We are often so drained of energy, some of us go to sleep wary of the next day and others stay up late to find some of that "me" time they couldn't quite fit in during the day. It is an endless cycle and one that take us far away from balance. 
It begs the question, why are we here? Why do we exist to do more and be more and we never seem to get wherever it is we are going. That space where our energy sinks, where discouragement sets in or overwhelm or disappointment is a dead end road and it leads us away from being really alive. We hit these feelings when we are not living to our set of standards, the picture we have of where we should be, what we should accomplish, what is enough. And who creates this picture? Ultimately, we do. 
So today I began to contemplate why we exist, what is beyond the endless trying to be enough and do enough,  and I saw a new perspective. What if the only reason we are here is to move forward, to gain some win or triumph, to grow, even one millionth of an inch. Then the victories we have every day, as small as they might be or as vast as they might be is all we have to do to be fulfilling that purpose. Just getting out of bed can be a great accomplishment, packing your kids off for school, tucking them in, connecting with a friend, kissing a loved one. Simple triumphs that have a ripple effect on all of humanity. If you subscribe to the idea that at some level we are connected through collective consciousness, and I do, then you have to see that every courageous step you take no matter how small is a great gift to humanity. 
I don't know if this will change the way you look at things, but it did for me. My journey towards balance is a constant walk. I, like so many others, struggle with my humanity, my weaknesses, my life challenges. So much of what I preach, I practice. My life lessons are what I have to offer the world. Being okay with what I do everyday and with who I am is one of those life lessons. Accepting that everything I do, no matter how small, is enough. That it adds to the world in some small or large way. It may not be my picture of who I should be today, but it is who I am. 
I look at people as having one side that is divinity and one side that is humanity. They are both beautiful and necessary. Yet, the more we accept and love our humanity, the more our divinity shines. In my belief system our humanity is the limiting beliefs we hold, the ego, the compulsions, all of those things that help us forget who we really are. We are our divinity. Every time we are letting our divine essence flow, there is nothing else to do, nothing else to be. We are perfect as we are in every moment. We just need to acknowledge it.  Acknowledge that we got up this morning, that we got our kids off to school, that we did something that moved us forward. And that is good enough. 
We can go to bed knowing that we changed humanity, one little drop of consciousness at a time. We can stop beating ourselves up for not getting enough done, and realize we are always enough already. I encourage you to do that today. Stand up and say "I am enough, I do enough". Acknowledge all you did today as being good. Look for the little ways you are being your divine essence: a smile there, a consideration here, a moment of giving, an intention to serve others. Enjoy the state of just being for a few moments. Breathe in this moment. Look around you at the colors, the shapes, the movement. This is good enough. As always, I salute the divinity in you and I wish you many blessings on this journey towards life.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Conscious Creations

This is my first post, so I believe I should better introduce myself. My name is Sonya Davis, and I own a company called Be Conscious. I started this company several years ago, and over the years it has evolved to finally be an integration of all the aspects of my life. I spent years struggling to maintain balance: juggling work, being a single mother, my spirituality, a social life, all in the efforts to find balance. This ultimately became my experience and my passion: the road to work/life balance. 

Now I am a work/life balance coach. It is my gift to give, my truest expression of my divine self. I have combined my business, marketing, life, spirituality and relationship experience to bring to others the world lessons I have incurred on my long journey. I am glad to say that what I have to give I have struggled to learn, hitting major life catastrophes along the way. After all these amazing life lessons, what I have now is a divine connection to my spirit that allows me to tap into my true gifts, wisdom and intuitive understanding. I have fought uphill battles and won. I have spent years trying to understand what life is all about. It is a gift, every aspect of it. I know that my experience gives me a profound understanding of life and it is the number one asset I have to give others. 

So, what I do is help others awaken to their own divine potential. I use tools that allow them to sense their energy and know when it is open and flowing and when it is closed. The truth is life is all about energy. Like so many of us, we are always depleted of our resources, most often time and money. What I help my clients see is that being depleted of time and money is really about stuck and blocked energy. You can feel for yourself. When you are tapped into your divine flow of energy, things seem to be in alignment, life is a joy, there is more time and money for everything in your life. Some people experience this often in their lives, and some never experience it at all. What gets in the way of the flow? Often limiting beliefs about ourselves or about how the world works, as well as misdirected attention and energy. I give a new perspective on balance that is based on understanding how consciousness works (i.e. beliefs, mental structures, and energy) and how to take action and manifest in the real world. It takes both to completely transform your life or business. 

I believe in integration. It is the principle of becoming whole. The more we integrate, the less fragmented we become. Our world is very fragmented and so is our lives. I love to work with moms, because as a mom our life is more fragmented than other people. We are balancing our kids lives, our household, work, social relationships, to-do list and we hardly ever find time for self-care. I am a firm supporter in helping moms find a way to have it all, which is why my business focuses on not only work/life balance, but creating successful businesses as well. We are in an age of more freedom, if we are only willing to take the leap. The possibilities are endless and today we can have a business doing almost anything. I help people open up to their divine flow, finding their passion and purpose. It is beautiful road. It is a journey that has led me to my passion and purpose. 

I started a company called Be Conscious, because being more aware is the key to it all. This is a conscious creation for me, one that is my divine gift and pleasure to bring to the world. I am blessed for all of those traveling along side of me. Please follow me as I continue my way through this journey. I will have many more blogs to come. I salute the divinity in you. Many blessings.