Friday, July 25, 2008

Managing your energy, i.e. time, money, relationships, overwhelm

We have an intuitive sense that energy is the underlying principle of the universe, yet very few of us have a real understanding of our own energy: how it operates, what fuels our energy or drains it. We often have ideas about this, but very little real awareness.

Creating business the feminine way is all about learning to manage your energy. In truth, time, money and relationship issues really can be drilled down to an inability to manage our energy effectively. I subscribe to the idea that we are at the heart of everything that is happening to us and around us. Learning to manage our energy, shifts our interactions with others and therefore our reality. What a breath of fresh air to know that we have that kind of power in our own lives.

There are lots of signs to show you that you are not effectively managing your energy: stress, overwhelm, frustration, lack of attention and focus, being tired, relationship strains, etc. When we feel any of these, we should immediately take stock of our energy. What is going on? What is draining me? What am I not honoring in myself? What am I not in integrity with? Who am I not being honest with? These questions will reveal the holes in our consciousness that are letting the energy drain out.

You can think of it like a pipe. Our energy flows from the divine and, without holes in our pipe, leads to a lot of energy and flow in the physical world. Yet when we have holes in the form of dishonesty, devaluing, stretching ourselves too thin, dishonoring our desires and being, then the energy flows out the holes and we find ourselves with very little energy in the physical world.

There are techniques and tools for better managing our energy, these are some of the things I cover in my Business the Feminine Way workshop, but first must come awareness. The next time you feel drained, tired or overwhelmed, I encourage you to stop what you are doing and take a few minutes to assess your energy. Ask yourself the above questions and look for the holes that are draining the divine energy from your life. Often becoming aware will begin to plug some of them up and being honest with yourself and with others is really the key to increasing your energy and allowing more of the divine to flow in your life. Today, may you all feel the divine energy that is your birthright. Many blessings, Sonya

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