Monday, June 2, 2008

Superwoman Syndrome

How many of us strive to be superwoman. I know for most of us, running businesses, running homes, running around, can run our own lives often into the ground. The idea of taking a break, finding support, finding relief is hard to grasp. I often find myself in this syndrome, trying to do it all, trying to have it all and often forgetting to use the resources I have been blessed with.

Today, I wanted to talk about a very important aspect to approaching business the feminine way. We are here to work together, not alone. It seems like such a common understanding, and yet I think individually we still think there is something we have to accomplish on our own, some place we have to strive to get and no one can help us get there. We have our own seeking, our own striving and we force ourselves to be more, do more and accomplish more than we need to.

I know in my own life, I am moving towards a new paradigm, one where we combine our tremendous wealth as individuals to create something bigger than ourselves, something that serves more of humanity and in that creation we find how much bigger we are as well.

The Superwoman syndrome is interesting, because instead of making us feel like a superhero, it actually makes us feel quite small. We can never live up to our ideal of what that woman is, it is seen as a tall dark shadow whose shoes we are trying to fill. Yet, surrounded by others who are combined in intention to create something beautiful, our gifts stand out, our beauty unfolds and who we really our comes to light.

I have recently been involved in taking on more partners in a truly amazing venture, one that is far bigger than myself, and I have had to confront my superwoman syndrome. The need to hold on to the whole picture, to still prove that I am everything I want to be. It has been a time of letting go for me and a time to confront the beliefs that keep me striving. Yes, what is truly amazing, is in the joining together of our union, I am finding the spaces I shine in. My light is more abundant and letting go of aspects of my business I don’t want to be part of, frees my energy to spread more love, give more light and truly be who I want to be.

I would encourage you today to look at your life and see where you are still holding that superwoman syndrome. Where are you still striving, where do you feel like you are alone, where do you try to do it all? Ask yourself, where could you let go, who could you ask for help, who could you delegate tasks to and start to recognize the unique gifts that truly make you YOU. Let yourself focus on the areas you love, the areas you light up in, and that will make you truly a super hero. Let go of the areas that drag you down, make you feel small and hold you back from seeing your own beauty, your own goodness, your own light. Be willing to confront the beliefs that keep your striving, that drive you to strive for that superwomen syndrome.

Most of all today, I would encourage you to seek out more community. It has become a world of isolation, and even in our family units and our work environments, community is still a feeling we have yet to fully understand. We are all seeking community, support, love and friendship. The more I let go of aspects and hand them over to someone else, the more I realize how important sharing our journey really is. This sharing, this community shows us the common source of our divinity and helps us share the riches that each of us brings to the whole.

I appreciate each of you for sharing in my community. I send you lots of blessings and light today on your journey. The divinity in me honors the divinity in you.

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